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I loved it! I actually got chills at the end.

this is so easy


did you rip-off simulacra

amazing game i cant stop playing 


hooray feels!


I love this game… so much! LGBTQ COMMUNITY SISTER! But why do the Mom gotta sound like a Karen? Her voicemails literally sound like she’s asking for the Manager, and accidentally called me instead… just saying… I love this game. (Let’s go lesbians! Come on, Lesbians lets go!) - Video clip got stuck in my head from Youtube

Hi, Cameron here. Thank you so much for playing! It makes me so happy to see folks still enjoying this game

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i tried this onetime i went missing and was counted dead but came back i felt horrible

I can't click on anything, I keep clicking but nothing happens

A great story and voice acting. 

Beautiful game with very good voice acting! I have read and listened to everything so I ended up finishing with 1% battery. My favourite part was the podcasts! :)


 me likyyyy the girl

the notes app contains letters b u l g but idk how to meke them look correct



LBUG its the nickname


ok so i figured out the notes code by guessing , overall i loved it so much i would love a sequel to this game!


i did that too but i hated how fast i got to the end.

so did i, i just started guessing letters so i finished the game early hehe


Great game, i cheated a little towards the end I'll admit, but i loved that ending. suprised at how decent the voice work is in this game. 8/10

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really good, dunno if it was luck or I have the mind of a angsty teen but I cracked it in maybe 10mins. Maybe I'm just sherlock holmes ova here!

p.s. that being said I probably missed out on a lot of the narrative so fyi to people; take it slow so you can feel the feelz

i got it timed. 6min 4sec. new mystery record for me.


i want to know what happened to ellen though like why did she sound so shook when her mom called at the end but the ending had me on the ground saying ''whyyyyy did it have to end''

thankkk youuuuu!

It's a black screen to me , i can't play it


Really loved this game! My only complaint would be that I couldn't figure out the notes password without the hint. I looked everywhere it seemed like and idk if i missed a clue that told me what it was or helped to figure it out. Overall though loved it and was a fun game.


This is a beautiful game it made me cry.

i wish there were subtitles so i could know what they were saying because i play this game at school and they dont let us have headphones :l

I don't know how you two made this in 72 hours but you both need an award for this performance of a game. Not only is this (albeit relatively small) indie game harboring it's on atmosphere, it can really dive deep into the real world complexities of divorce and it's affect on more than just the parents without making more than a little splash. The realism is off the charts, and I can personally relate to some parts of this story and seeing it go through like this brings up some old memories. It's amazing how so a little peak into someone else's world can open up your own much wider than you could believe. Stupendous job my guys, 100/10




For 72 hours in the making, this game was done very well! There was plenty of information and perspectives to gather a substantial background of Elle Bug's life. And for the amount of time put in to developing, the game wasn't overly simple. It was just the right amount of complex to encourage you to dig around and search for clues. I'm also happy that it didn't end on a terrible note.

Great work!

This is really cool! Great voice-acting, story, and gameplay. I feel for Ellen during the entire gameplay when I listened to the voicemails and read the texts. I would recommend this game! Thanks for making it! 


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i worked it out without any hints in a minute.......

I managed to work it out without the hint! Fantastic game.


Hello thought this was a pretty interesting game. Found it under the visual novel section. I don' t find this to be  a visual novel but, maybe that's the only  category you thought you could put it under. It's great for a mystery game. Some parts were confusing to me. I'm not sure how I came upon the number for the cabin or, what that really signified.

This game was so amazing! I loved the entire experience. I only struggled a bit with one of the puzzles, the one with the code for the notes, but other than that it was great. I loved the voice acting and just the story in general. 

Considering the amount of people that worked for this game, this was very well done. The voice acting was well done as well! I had a great time playing it, I hope you guys keep up the good work :D


Only two words: Spectacular work. All the little narrative threads that can be found on the phone end up as part of an incredibly emotional story. The dramaturgy of the ending was just amazing as well... In general, this game shows very clearly how many superficially different parts of our identity we scatter on these little technical marvels. Each app has explained a new part of Ellen's story, and I think that's a little feat to do that in such a short time. This basic scenario in combination with the really fabulous voice-over has absolutely convinced me of your game and I can only hope that it achieves a correspondingly high ranking in the Ludum Dare 42 - your submission would definitely earn it! <3 For that reason, I hope that my article about your game gets even more people to try it out for themselves. :) I also uploaded a playthrough video. <3 I wish you good luck and look forward to your future projects!

Best wishes,


Really amazing game i love it!!!!


I love this game, but I'm very, very stuck. I have gone through every app, and looked at the hint, but I simply cannot figure out the notes password! I feel kind of stupid. I feel like theres something super simple I've just overlooked?


its the blogger name


the nits of the round table podcast was honestly my favorite favorite part of this it was HILARIOUS

I agree!!! That was so well done. "Uhhhh.......Uhmmm......You know if you gotta leave you gotta leave you know".



The fact that you could take notes on everything was what sold me. Wrote a review to tell our fans =]:

I really enjoyed this game! I found the link while scrolling through Tumblr and I'm really glad that I decided to play.  I'm really pleased with the way the messages, notes, and voicemails make the story  believable. I wish there was more to the story or if this was longer! Congratulations on making such a great game! :D

I really enjoyed this even though it was short! I loved the voice acting and the conversations felt very natural. I'd love to play another game like this someday!


Great game, wishing there was more!