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Actual Beta Feedback:
"I feel personally attacked by this game."
"This game was agony but in a good way. 10/10"

After one year of button pushing, Cercle Games is proud to present: Don't Push The Red Button: Anniversary Edition!

New in the Anniversary Edition:
Optimized Code!
New never-before-seen Content/Time Events!
Online Leaderboard - Compete to not push the button longer than anyone else!
Gamepad Support!
Linux Build!
Added/Fixed Languages including Korean. (By request of Markiplier.)

And a specially made VR version for use with the Vive or Oculus Rift!


Please follow Cercle for updates on future projects!

Original Music by Cullen Vance

email us at cerclegamesinfo@gmail.com and ask us about our digestive health


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(38 total ratings)
AuthorCercle Games
Made withUnity
TagsEndless, Funny, suspense, weird
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive


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Don't Push The Red Button - Anniversary Edition 1.0 PC.zip 213 MB
Don't Push The Red Button - Anniversary Edition 1.0 Mac.app.zip 217 MB
Don't Push The Red Button - Anniversary Edition 1.0 Linux.zip 234 MB
Don't Push The Red Button VR 0.1 PC.zip 224 MB

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eh! uh! duh! wot red button.. duh.. i dont see one..no ..um..good game.. um.. wow... push the red button. push the red button. voices singing is a pushy. wow...peoples have to play and wait for themselves to push that god damn red button.. wow... how long will the computer holds as it's do needed a rest to beats the highest score... wow are they a hacker or something... wow beat the highest score by leaving your computer online or download and then play , just to leave the computer playing push the red button and just ignore the computer for days then beaten the highest score.. wow... impossible but persuasive.. even i'm deaf and hears " PUSH THE RED BUTTON, PuSh ThE rEd BuTtOn, pUsH tHe ReD bUtToN."  i cant help leaving it alone.. but very good...well done...

liked the crazy game ;)

I RESISTED THE RED MENACE AND WON THIS LITTLE GAME IT DID NOT GET MEEEE....forrr 30 minutes i loved this experience from the music to the things that happen in the game! I would recommend playing this! Also heres my playthrough! 


I press the button to fast but wh

I... Still.. Haven't... Recovered from this...

I didn't do very well...it was too alluring.

Starts at 0:35

To me, it is another desert bus kind of a game. Challenge inducing and hilariously silly with absolute no meaning at all. I will try to play for more than 10 hours and see how long can i last. Its funny.

i feel so trolled right now...

I played this game and it was really fun! (even though all i did was not press the button for an hour and 15 minutes) Great graphics too! And I like that you gave a special thanks to the player at the end of the credits! ^-^ (side note: I think I did awesome...*sees comment by loveizzlife4ever* Welp.)

So 9 months ago I played this for 6 hours and I only missed 1 star, so I decided to play again today but for 8 hours and I did but I couldn't even press the button because when I turned into the button after one hour or so, I glitched into the floor. Could you fix this problem because I've just trown 8 hours of my life away. Thank You (the updates were funny, I never knew that I wanted to be a button and just run around XD)

1 hour... I played in vr for 1 hour. 10/10 would play again

I had to push the bottom to play other games!!!

(1 edit)

It is extremely easy to cheat at, since the goal is to NOT press the button. You can just play a different game, while leaving this one up and running. Therefore, you should make it so you can't be away for a certain length of time in order to maintain fairness.

A decent game to play in leisure time, but tends to overheat the computer system (or is it just mine?)

This was easily the best and worst game I have ever played. Good job on that achievement. You met and failed every expectation I had. I'm just wowed...

So... you people are absolute torture. Even though this was hilariously made, and I played it, it was still absolute torture. 


Love how the download button is red, too.


Took a look at this game...Decided to make a pointless 3 minute part of this game on a 3 free game video...Shocked someone kept their game app. opened for soooo long! Well! If you want to check it out. I put mine in part 3 of the video here!


got a nice video for you guys :)it was fun

https://www.twitch.tv/curlymichael  HELP ME NOT PUSH THE RED BUTTON relax



July 26th, 2018 will mark one full, amazing, rich, beautiful, glorious, painstakingly long year of people playing a game where they don't push a red button.  As everyone knows, this game has gone down as one of the most important events in human history. The Red Button was nominated for a Pulitzer prize in February, was considered for the MacAuthur Genius Grant, and History courses at Yale and Harvard have started teaching Red Button 101 classes. In fact, UCLA will now offer a prestigious MBA in the Red Button Arts this Fall. My God, what an astounding time to be alive.

The unshaven team at Cercle  has been working day and night and day, furiously typing algorithms into our coffees and downing cup after cup of delicious computer, all in the desperate attempt to complete "Don't Push The Red Button: Anniversary Edition" before the 26th. 

But we need your help. 

We have been told by our accounting and law team that in order to distribute this experience to the widest audience we need to ask for a certain amount of a newly discovered resource called: "Money."

If we receive enough of this so-called "money," we will be able to get "Don't Push the Red Button: Anniversary Edition" in front of the eyes of the world. And then, everyone, yes, EVERYONE, will know the glory of the red button and will quake in its presence. 

TL;DR: I'm asking for money to finish and put Don't Push the Red Button on STEAM. 

And anyone who donates will get their name in the credits of the game. 

Anniversary Edition Features:
Optimized Code- No Lag!
New never-before-seen Content/Time Events!
Online Leaderboard - Compete to not push the button longer than anyone else!
Gamepad Support!
Linux Build!
(Potential VR Version?!)
Added/Fixed Languages including Korean. (By request of Markiplier.)


I am on 244 minutes now and my game has gotten really laggy for some reason but im going to till wait until something happens

Deleted 5 years ago
Deleted 5 years ago
Deleted 5 years ago

why does this game even exist its so mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bad gayme!!!!! it maked me sad when i touch it. called me total n00b but i touch it! it told me to! so i retry and dont press and it was trying make me die so i had to click and it said i lost again game so bad and mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

average mind of a 5yr old.

I thought you were actually serious XD.

My arms are longer than existence itself.

I'm proud of you

(2 edits)

ok so on the wall on the start with all the other languages you put some hebrew text (probably with google translate) 2 times. one of them was just random letters and the other was a nice try of saying "push the red button" in hebrew. the problem is that you got the grammer all wrong!

so here is the right way to say push the red button in hebrew:

 "לחץ על הכפתור האדום"

and sinse the other option is that you DID wrote it the correct way but the words flipped, just try to fix it, ok...

oh and nice game btw

Thank you for the heads up! I've had so many people point it out to me since markiplier's video and it is fixed in the newest version which comes out later this month! Sorry about that!

Is the "Itulak ang pulang buton" a Filipino translation? If so, that's great! I got to hear Mark speaking Filipino lol. Can I just request for you to change it into "Pindutin ang pulang pindutan"? It's a more accurate translation. Thanks. It's a nice game btw

You got it! Thank you for your help! 

Personally I did not want to press that red button, because there was no finnish language.

I mean come on, we are special enough to get our own "Press the red button."

Even Sweden got one! You can do better than that.

Olen täysin samaa mieltä ja vilpittömästi anteeksi. Suomi on ihana maa ja ansaitsee paikkansa seinälle.

if you give me an accurate translation, I’ll put it on the wall in the anniversary edition. :)

How about just "Paina punaista nappia." Simple but solid, am I right?

Deleted 5 years ago

Wow! Look at this!

Markiplier played!

Can you make a Linux edition? :C

Note taken!

the text in hebrew is oppiset and not real words

I had another person tell me recently and it will be fixed in the next version!

It has been over 2 hours and the game isnt over yet, how much longer is this 

I'd like to invite you to take part in this year's Game Development World Championship! This is a pretty fun game it's a simple and doesn't take itself seriously, but it's still well made. You actually get some time passed by just reading all the stuff on the walls. My only complaint is that the mouse aim was a bit wonky in the browser version, I had to aim on floor to finally press the button.


Awesome game and nice way to keep people engaged in the small game environment!

Had lots of fun!



Very funny! loved it. :D

can you send me a link to that girl sitting on a blue stool?

It doesn't work, just a blank black screen.

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