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Where did you get the soundtrack?

an error comed out and game freezed on 14:05

I wanted to push the red button for the little dog! But it wouldn't let me!

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SINGS ALONG "Puuuuuush the red buuuuuuuutoooooooon. Puuuuuuush. The. Red Buuuuuuutooooooon. Puuuuush theeee reed buuuutoooooon <keychange> PUUUUUSHH THEEE REEED BUUUUUUUTOOOOOOOOON...PU-USH..THE-EE-RED BUUUUUUUUUU. TOOOOONNN..."

I got Win&Special Achievement

I got to 42:23 and the game froze so I count that as a win.

 Also, I found this, whatever it means (edited to make it more visible)

You found it!!! Under Five get a Prize!

Sorry for the freeze! I'll officially go ahead and say that you won.

This was pretty fun but I couldn't hold out too long.

Such a really unique and interesting idea, I had a lot of fun playing this game, can't wait for the full release!

Its so hard I made it 30 minutes without pushing the button :D

This game is.. WOW. Patience truly is a virtue, one of which we don't have late at night recording. We managed to get to black belt level, and am curious as to what happens when you wait the entire time. Here's a video of us goofing off and our reactions, though! 

I got to 11:31 then it crashed on web :( I should have listened to the warning. XD

Hi there, I just wanted thank you for making this game, it was a lot of fun. I loved all the little pop ups and stuff that tried to incentivise us to press the button. It did test my patience but it was worth it. I also made a video of me playing your game, I hope that's okay.


WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DO THO ? | Don't Push The Red Button Full Gameplay Walkthrough First Look


1 hour I wasted 1 hour on this game and I love it!

13 minutes then i got bored BROWN BELT YEAAAAAAAAh

So much little time. Great game!

I did not expect there to be so much in this game lol I could see myself just waiting for an hour to see what happens! 

Interesting "game" unfortunately  my compulsion to push the button got the better of me, but I did have a good laugh at the fake posters around the room first.


This game was brilliant.  I thought it would never run out of ideas.  The button is alive and has a will of its own!  I made it 60 minutes without pushing the button.  How long did you last?

This video had me rolling!! You totally get the idea and your philosophical interpretations were wonderful! Well done. Well done.


This was both amazing, and abusive on my mind. I thought I could resist, but the peer pressure was too much for me! Here's my video on it.

love this! Your reactions are perfect! Thank you for sharing!



like how you can't even leave... i honestly expected a... TO BE CONTINUED. PRESS RED BUTTON TO READ>>>><<<<<<<

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very funny haha, but when I was 20 minutes in the game it actually crashed not a fake one, and I had to restart, but it's a really good and funny  game for and it is free so why not try it

Note : when I was playing I couldn't push the button sometimes tho

I'm so glad you liked it! Sorry for the crashing!!! Still learning  :)

Can't actually pus the red button cause it doesn't let me.So you win anyways.

sorry about that! It has something to do with the web player not taking full control of the mouse. Downloaded version works well!

Glad you liked it!